What we do

We identify and propel the key factors associated with leadership excellence

What Leaders can do for you

Through one-to-ones, workshops and events, we help leaders pair enjoyment with success while exploring in-depth leadership styles

Challenges we help you overcome

  • Sub-optimum culture; unhealthy attitudes and behaviours.

  • Low employee engagement.

  • Addressing counterproductive habits holding back executive team performance.

  • A lack of business focus and clear objectives.

  • Leadership transition or leadership recruitment challenges.

  • Leadership skills development.

How we do it

Using data-led insights and open conversations, we identify strategies to elevate strengths and overcome weaknesses

We use psychometrics, data and 
our experience to build accurate leadership profiles.

Then we open up conversations, challenging ideas and create a strategy and direction.

Who do we work with?

In a word, people .

Who we work with

As is the case for any leader, it’s the strength of our relationships that significantly influences our success. 
We work with leaders at the highest level in any organisation ranging from start up to global corporate, business, not-for-profit and government.

The foundations of excellent leadership are consistent, albeit applied variously to meet the particular situation and demands faced by our clients.

Services we offer

Leadership comes in many forms


We specialise in facilitating workshops and offsites for senior teams, with a primary focus on enhancing senior team dynamics, trust, addressing conflict resolution approaches and uncovering blind spots.

In essence, we assist senior teams in clarifying their vision, defining values and sharpening strategic focus.

One to one coaching

Our one-to-one leadership coaching and advice offer a confidential environment for personal growth, ongoing development and achieving specific objectives.

We serve as a sounding board to help you clarify decisions and process emotions while providing valuable strategic advice.

Leadership programmes

Our open programmes bring together a diverse group of leaders in a high-trust environment, fostering mutual learning.

We focus on six foundational areas, including elevating self-awareness, the four habits of successful leaders, moral courage, authentic trust, creating a great culture and adopting a living legacy mindset.

We’ve had great experiences, working with leaders from