Designed for leaders in Guernsey and Jersey, our Engaged Leadership Programme brings together our expertise and insights with the real-life experience of a diverse cohort of leaders.

Our cohorts comprise CEOs, MDs, directors and senior managers working in a wide range of CI organisations - government, various businesses and third sector

We curate the group to provide a trusting environment, fostering a support-challenge environment as we explore what makes for excellent leadership. We provide the framework for an active discussion as we explore your real-life scenarios and identify strategies that can be applied in your day to day practice. We emphasise the impact of the human factors - motivation, communication, values and trust - throughout.

Programme Outline

The programme is structured as a series of day sessions (10am to 4pm), once per month for six months. The rhythm is deliberate, providing opportunity to apply the ideas in the workplace and then review with the cohort. We begin with powerful insights drawn from psychometric surveys, explained one to one before the first group session.

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Subject Areas

  • Individual psychometric surveys and 1-2-1 review
  • Elevating self-awareness & team awareness
  • The four habits of excellent leaders
  • Leading with a living legacy mindset
  • Fostering a high-trust, high performance environment
  • Creating a great culture
  • The morally courageous leader

Elevating self-awareness and understanding others

Leading ourselves well is the foundation to leading others. In this session, we delve into:

  • Our personality styles and how these contribute and detract from our interactions with others
  • Our core drivers and how these influence our perspectives
  • Understanding other people’s styles and motivators
  • How we can adapt in particular situations for an even greater impact

The Four Habits of Excellent Leaders

Drawing on the insight from the psychometric surveys, we explore the four habits of excellent leaders:

  • Drive: How tenacious we are in the design and pursuit of compelling objectives
  • Care: How we take care of the people and work that we care about; our standards
  • Fear (Risk): Our risk radar. The ability to spot problems ahead and take pre-emptive action
  • Hope: Our willingness to solve problems with a "can-do" attitude

A Living Legacy Mindset

A living legacy is one that influences other people now, in the present, with the intention of creating an impact that endures. It is leadership that is others-focussed and not self-serving. In this session, we explore:

  • Prioritising purpose: focussing only on what truly matters
  • Horizon thinking
  • Developing new leaders
  • Interconnectedness: living legacy minded leaders consider the ripple affects of their decisions

Fostering a High Trust, High Performance Environment

Trust is fundamental to achieve success in any company and is the basis for authentic leadership. This session will identify how personal style and approach are contributing and detracting from each person’s ability to trust and be trusted. There are five qualities that underpin authentic, trustworthy leaders. We explore the group’s propensity to each and how - practically - they can be more authentic and strengthen trust in their teams.

  • Do not hide. Good leaders are transparent about their intentions
  • Be relatable. Connect with people, don't just communicate
  • Walk the walk. Lead by example
  • Exercise good judgement
  • Empower others. Becoming less controlling without losing the oversight

Creating a Great Culture

A great culture enables people to consistently bring their best to the organisation. Leaders are primarily responsible for making their organisations a great place to work. They will create and foster the norms in behaviour and attitude that people need to flourish. In this session, we explore:

  • Leadership that inspires: being present, empathetic and sharing power
  • Focusing Your Team Part I: Connect each team member to the organisation's mission, vision and values
  • Focusing Your Team Part II: Set specific objectives, clear expectations and mutual accountability
  • Understand different conflict styles. Make conflict constructive and beneficial to the organisation;
  • Feedback that enables growth

The Morally Courageous Leader

Moral courage - making high conviction decisions and implementing them with compassion - is the foundation of great leadership. In this session, we:

  • Affirm values and a compelling vision as the basis for high-conviction decisions
  • Explore integrity and different perspectives on ‘doing the right thing’
  • Consider complexity and how to navigate towards least-worst options
  • Understand compassion and why it is crucial in leadership
  • Review how the performance measures we use influence the quality of our choices

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Upcoming Dates

January 2024 in both Guernsey and Jersey

Entry Requirements

Applications Close 10th January 2024. We will conduct a brief interview with you before confirming your place.

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