Our unique executive leadership programme combining innovative and inspiring sessions with expertise from keynote speakers, alongside powerful psychometric insights

Designed for the senior leaders of any organisation - business, government, charity; large, mid or start-up

Our Leaders Nexus is more an experience than a programme. We curate a cohort of leaders drawn from a wide variety of situations and with a wealth of experience. Comprising three offsites in Guernsey, the conversations we facilitate create rich, deep insights with benefits for life as well as work.

Programme Outline


Moral Courage

Leading with integrity, clarity and compassion

Outstanding leaders exhibit moral courage, making firm, compassionate decisions rooted in their vision and values. We delve into challenging decisions within the group, exploring complexities and differing perspectives. We also address the role of compassion in leadership, including potential challenges in implementing tough decisions.

  • Do we need high conviction to make good leadership decisions?
  • Is immediate gratification always a bad thing?
  • Do reasons matter when doing the right thing?
  • Does the implementation of a decision matter more or less than the decision itself?
  • Do we allow past experiences to shape us for the better or worse?

Keynote speaker

Patrick Marriott CB, CBE, DL

Collaborative Partner


Authentic Trust

The essential condition for excellent performance

Trust is a vital trait in high-performing teams, enabling effective communication and preventing destructive conflict. Our aim is to develop trustworthy leaders who cultivate team trust. While trust can be elusive, its absence is unmistakable.

  • How transparent should we be?
  • Relationships: our biggest problem or most valuable asset?
  • Is acting consistently an unobtainable ideal?
  • Should we listen to our gut instincts?
  • Do we need power in order to lead?

Keynote speaker

Jean Oelwang

President of Virgin Unite, Co-Founder of Plus Wonder & Advisory Council member for The Elders


A Living Legacy

Leading with purpose

Healthy leaders cultivate healthy organisations. They lead with a clear sense of purpose, take the whole organisation into account, and are committed to developing new leaders. We'll examine the impact of external influences and internal dynamics on your culture, identifying actions for the greatest difference.

  • What is a living legacy?
  • Is purpose really the most important thing?
  • How do we navigate the tension between short term and long term thinking?
  • Should we make followers or leaders?
  • What is the place of joy as a measurement of leadership success?

Keynote speaker

Sarah Gillard

CEO of A Blueprint for a Better Business

Programme Location

The Nexus programme is hosted in Guernsey, one of the UK Channel Islands.

Guernsey has a rich and diverse cultural history and a beautiful natural environment, which we will make full use of throughout the programme. As well as providing an excellent offsite environment, Guernsey presents a fascinating case study in overcoming challenges, with unique laws, government and multiple industries represented in just 25 square miles.

Accommodation is in one of the island’s luxury hotels, the Old Government House.

Guernsey has excellent air links from London Gatwick, Southampton, Manchester and other UK regional airports.

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£5,250 Includes dinner, lunch & breakfast. Accommodation and travel are additional.

Upcoming Dates

25th and 26th April 2024

Entry Requirements

Applications Close 31st March 2024.
We will conduct a brief interview with you before confirming your place.

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