Leadership Conference

A day of learning, discussion and focus on the three foundations to excellent leadership.

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Joining with people from across a diverse range of organisations - business, charity, government - you will spend an interactive day elevating a critical skill for today's world - effective leadership.

Designed for anyone in a management role, leadership position, NextGen or generally interested in what makes for excellent leadership. Comprising a blend of talks, discussion and workshop style exercises, the day will be active, practical and stimulating. The Leaders team - Phil, Kareena and Nicole - will speak and facilitate throughout, bringing their experiences and keen understanding of the Channel Islands environment to the conference.

Conference Outline

A Living Legacy Mindset

Creating vibrant, sustainable organisations

Excellent leaders recognise that there's a difference between aiming for a future legacy and a living legacy. The choices we make, priorities we pursue and influence we have on people matter today and everyday, not just at the end of our tenure. It's the only way to foster vibrant, healthy and sustainable organisations.

  • Placing purpose at the centre
  • Applying your influence and impact on others for good
  • Inspiring your team towards meaningful action
  • Mentoring and shaping your future leaders

Keynote speaker

Nicole Le Goupillot

Leadership Director

Authentic Trust

Fostering team excellence

Teams that trust each other achieve far more than those who do not. They are more enjoyable to be a part of, too. Authenticity is essential if trust is to endure. It can easily fade and takes constant attention to foster.

  • Being open, even when under pressure
  • Relating well, the not-so-secret ingredient to high trust teams
  • Walk the walk; consistency matter
  • High trust and high autonomy go hand in hand; empowering your people

Keynote speaker

Kareena Hodgson

Leadership Director

Moral Courage

Decide with conviction, implement with compassion

Excellent leaders are able to make decisions with conviction; grounded and firm, not wishy-washy or ill-considered. Not only that, they make 'good' decisions, taking the organisation forward and delivered in a way that is healthy rather than destructive.

  • Making high-integrity choices
  • Acting on conviction with compassion
  • Noticing the defining moments
  • Resisting immediate gratification

Keynote speaker

Phil Eyre



We encourage mutual learning, people learning from others, especially those with different experiences and perspectives. The format is round-table.

Each of the core sessions will begin with a 20 minute talk from Phil, Kareena or Nicole, followed by discussion and feedback around tables. We will set questions to explore and draw out strategies and tactics that you can apply to your work and life. Our aim is to inspire ideas that you can actually apply, whatever your situation.

Everyone taking part will be given a copy of The Leaders Book, which expands on the ideas that we will be bringing to the conference.

Expect energy, diverse perspectives and a plethora of ideas to apply.

  • 8.30am: Coffee & registration
  • 9.00am: Welcome
  • 9.15am: A Living Legacy Mindset
  • 10.45am: Coffee
  • 11.15am: Authentic Trust
  • 12.45pm: Lunch
  • 1.30pm: Moral Courage
  • 2.45pm: Break
  • 3.00pm: Joy! Strategies to create an enjoyable workplace
  • 4.00pm: Close

Join the conference


£115 (£80 for charities), includes a copy of The Leaders Book, refreshments and lunch


22nd May 2024, 9am to 4pm


Les Cotils Centre